For the last 12 years I have been writing about beauty and sometimes fashion and celebrities for women’s glossy magazines. I began my career in the fashion department at Elle, but followed my heart to the health and beauty desk at Harper’s Bazaar, followed by Vogue and then InStyle. In 2005 I became the beauty director of the cult fashion magazine, Happy, which much to the disappointment of its readers folded in 2007. Most recently, I was the acting beauty director of Good Housekeeping where I concentrated on anti-ageing focused beauty stories and real life makeovers for women who send angry letters if they feel that they are being duped by unquestioning journalism – in particular lotions and potions with unrealistic claims or anything that has more style then substance or more cost than value. Hence, I have earned my badge of product cynicism. After more than a decade of writing about hair, skin, lipsticks, tanning, perfume, fitness etc. on a regular basis I remain as excited about the next beauty innovation and nail polish shade as any budding beauty junkie. I sit before you in front of my laptop and vow that I will only write about the ones that are truly deserving.


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